The Science
of Psychology

What distinguishes the psychologist is a heightened devotion to awareness.  His consciousness, his attention both to detail and the big picture, his courage over where his researches will lead him, his ability to handle ambiguity, and his background with mental models make him the best candidate for understanding the human condition.


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Consultation:  Available to discuss and answer your questions.

Assessment: Observe individuals, groups, departments and the company as a whole based on a plan developed during consultation.  Discuss findings.

Report: Provide a comprehensive report answering the questions posed during consultation with quantitative and qualitative information.  Recommend options for proceeding.

Implementation: Use assessments as a baseline and provide services to foster desired changes in the individual, group, departments or company as a whole.  This will occur in a 3-month period in most cases.

Maintenance: Follow up on a weekly basis anywhere from a 3-month to a 2-year period to strengthen and solidify alterations introduced during the implementation period.

Seminars: Half-day, full-day, 2-day and 3-day seminars to introduce planned changes, rehearse them, discuss them and work with staff to make them part of the company’s practices.


Our Experience...

We have helped people set goals in their work lives and then helped them get what they want.  A few things have become clear about our experience these last few decades:

Our clients learn how to bring more energy to their work endeavors.  This is usually accompanied by increased energy in their private affairs, their play pursuits and their ability to reflect on their lives.

Our clients are able to get more specific about what works.  They leave by the wayside less effective patterns, and concentrate on goals they have more precisely and exhaustively described.

Our clients face resistance in the areas where they want to succeed.  And why wouldn’t that be true?  If they could mount a successful challenge against these blocks, they would not be consulting a psychologist.  A resistance is most easily dealt with when we understand that it is a communication to another person.

Our clients become more effective employees, they work more successfully with their peers, they find their niche, and they have a positive impact on the company’s profitability. Wherever they are in the organizational chart, they make an impact.

The 18 skills

We have examined our many therapy relationships for commonalities and have found a large group of them, important enough to the business world to codify and share them.  This is our playbook for productivity.  At its core is a set of 18 basic behavior patterns that heighten work-flow and reduce resistance.  They can be identified and expanded in the repertoire of any employee.  They can be taught and shaped by appropriate feedback, and if they are supported by the company as a whole, they can increase more quickly.  This is how we understand the  company.  It holds the power to spark accelerated learning.

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A young man schooled in energy flow had the task of keeping all the computers working in a large logistics company.  The cubicles were open and everyone could see what everyone else was doing.  A woman spent the morning off-task, not attending to her work, and at 11:55 approached the technician with a loud criticism.  Her computer had been down all morning and she hadn’t gotten her work done.  The technician had five minutes to get things running or she’d turn him in to the manager.

The young man got her computer up right away.  He then spoke to the manager and told him what happened.  We can follow the energy pretty easily here.  It was concentrating in the woman all morning, as she was involved in personal pursuits.  There was no outward demonstration of an attempt to connect with another person or with the tasks of her job description.

At 11:55 the woman left her cubicle and approached the young man.  Her energy reached out to his to absorb it.  The words seemed to signal that she wanted to motivate him to act quickly.  But the whole scenario reflected the urge to absorb his energy and freeze him in place.

The resourceful young man saw it coming and understood what her energy was doing and what his was doing.  He withdrew from that aspect of the encounter and did what had to be done.  What started out as a resistance could have resulted in a resistance in the young man.  Instead, the flow was preserved.  He did what he had to and she returned to work.  The power of this behavioral synthesis, this way of seeing what’s going on and consciously employing the eighteen skills we have associated with flow, is that it creates new responses, offers options for functioning and leaves the company much better off in its hunt for success and productivity.

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