Group Dynamics

Group dynamics is the study of groups, and also a general term for group processes. Relevant to the fields of psychology, sociology, and communication studies, a group is two or more individuals who are connected to each other by social relationships.

Because they interact and influence each other, groups develop a number of dynamic processes that separate them from a random collection of individuals. These processes include norms, roles, relations, development, need to belong, social influence, and effects on behavior.

Group Dynamics USA studies these processes in an organization and how they facilitate and enhance Flow Of Work in a company. A set of 18 skills have been developed that describe effective Group Dynamics. A work group is evaluated to see how it performs on the skill sets.


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Our Mission...

To help a company improve productivity through improving the dynamics of the organization, the work group and the individual.

This is done through an Assessment, a Report and then Implementation. To read more please see our Services Page

The program is based on 18 skills that define productivity. The 18 Skills

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Book - : Group Dynamics is pleased to announce the publication of it's book Flow of Work & the Company's Fortunes: A Playbook for Productivity . Co-Authored by Dan Berger. Please click here for more information about the book.

Article - The Suffolk Lawyer published an article entitled The Emotionally Intelligent Attorney: The Law as a Helping profession, co-authored by Dan Berger and Attorney John P. Bracken. The article stresses the importance of attorneys developing an emotional connection with their clients before they can be helped legally. For a copy of the article click here.

Article - The Suffolk lawyer has published another article entitled Interpersonal And Psychological Considerations in Law Firm Partnerships. co-authored by Dan Berger and Attorney John P. Bracken. This article's focus is on considerations in both the formation of partnerships and complications that can arise in the mature partnership. Please contact Group Dynamics USA for a copy.

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